Twitter is not a good tool for discussion

Twitter ain’t a good tool for discussion. I’m not sure there ARE good tools, except maybe a website that you have to pay for (like The WELL), which would be kind of a filter (but then you’d probably want to federate with other similar sites, which… is like blogging, eh?) (Hmm, come to think of it, I paid WordPress to not plaster my blog w/junk ads.)

I’m a big fan of blogging. Not every blog post has to be some massive long-form article that will take you an hour to work your way through, but at least you can write more than 280 characters and you don’t have to thread tweets to write more (brevity is still the soul of wit, though). You get better comment-moderation tools, I think, than either blocking responses or just letting every idiot in the village green comment. I feel like Twitter and Facebook are the low-energy routes, really.

So there.

Post inspired by the following:

Hmm, note to self: Maybe get a little more serious someday about this blogging thing and find some better templates and plugins and a site that makes them available w/out charging an arm and a leg.

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