Yet another reason to defund the police

Actually, probably yet another argument for “defund the police” apart from:

  • They employ too many lunatics (or scared white people) who view a badge as clearance to just blaze away
  • They don’t need to be doing social work
  • They don’t show up in time for violet crimes, anyway (“when seconds count, the police are minutes away”)
  • They’re not actually stopping violence during protests, since they just sort of stand aside when the gun-waving fascists show up
  • You probably don’t need to be armed to do detective work or insurance claims adjustment

So now we have:

  • When a violent perpetrator is right in front of them, they don’t actually do their jobs

«an unhinged cop shot jacob blake in the back several times for no reason with no recourse now tonight a psychotic militia cosplayer murdered someone in cold blood and the police just drove by. absolutely useless. they serve nobody but the elite & protect nothing but capital.»

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