Coronavirus: Pastor who decried ‘hysteria’ dies after attending Mardi Gras – BBC News

«”…he wasn’t the type of person to just live in fear and let it rob him of the joy of the life that he had”»

But it did, didn’t it?

«She does think that mixed signals and, as she sees it, an inability to trust the media contributed to confusion about the virus.

“I was frustrated with the way that the media was very agenda driven – and it’s on both sides.


Jesse said that the longstanding polarisation of the American media made it hard to know what to believe and what is political hype.»

When television was first available to the public, it was referred to as “the boob tube” and “the idiot box”. I don’t think that’s really changed.

It’s not that hard to know what’s really happening with something like this. Step one is: TURN OFF YOUR TV.

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