Learning Gradle

Ok, Gradle. I know you guys are really proud of yourselves, but do you have to be so dang leaky with your abstractions? Is it really crucial that we know that script blocks are secretly method calls that take *closures* as parameters? Can’t you just say “script blocks” and be done with it?

Also… “configures the dependency configurations”? Seriously? You know “configure” is ALREADY a nebulous word, right? You had to configure the configurations?

«A script block is a method call which takes a closure as a parameter. The closure is treated as a configuration closure which configures some delegate object as it executes. The top level script blocks are listed below.


configurations { } — Configures the dependency configurations for this project.

dependencies { } — Configures the dependencies for this project.»

(From https://docs.gradle.org/current/dsl/index.html.)

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