New Nigerian words in English



Dr. Christian DeFeo (@doctorcdf) Tweeted:

@KGuilaine The only way English will be a truly international language is if there are international contributions to it. This is not a cause for distress but rather celebration.

The soft power runs the other way. (I.e., it’s English that has the “soft power”. Also, why are we using the word “power”?) The “lingua franca” (ha!) is going to pick up new words, of course.

Winifred Ngozi Okocha 🌻 (@WinnieNgozi) Tweeted:

Nigerian soft power has been increasing. Nigerian English like ‘next tomorrow’ is in the OED loool.

“Oxford lexicographers updated the dictionary with 29 Nigerian words, recognising the “unique & distinctive contribution to English as a global language”.”

That being said: yay, new words! (Now I just have to understand them.)

Also: wow, Nigeria has 200 million people? That is NOT chump change.

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