New Hampshire. Plus: “Beefsteak” Bernie Bros (CANNONFIRE)


«The elections that brought Hitler to power offer us a profound warning from the past. The left-most German party was the KDP; we may consider those voters the Bernie Bros of their time and place. They concentrated not on defeating Hitler but on weakening the center.

Believe it or not, the prospect of a Hitler victory appealed to many within the KDP. They said: “After Hitler, our turn.” It didn’t occur to those naive ninnies that Hitler would smash any mechanism that might give them a turn.

Once Hitler consolidated power, a surprising number of KDP rank-and-filers decided to join the Nazi party. They were derisively labeled “Beefsteak Nazis” — brown on the outside, red on the inside. Before not too many years had passed, the browning had gone all the way to the marrow.

I wonder how many Bernie Bros have the potential to turn into Beefsteak Nazis? Quite a few, I’d reckon. Consider the example of H.A. Goodman.»


This guy: (Maybe he’s an outlier, maybe… not so much of an outlier?)

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