Indy state-level endorsements + fun writing

No, really, they really are a liberal rag; they just endorse Republicans sometimes to fool you.

«Republican: Christine Mumma

The only plausible Republican to replace Josh Stein, Mumma is the executive director of the North Carolina Commission on Actual Innocence, and she’s represented nine people who’ve been exonerated for crimes they didn’t commit. Her two opponents are unremarkable. This one’s easy.


Republican: Mike Causey

Say what you want about Mike Causey, but don’t say he’s corrupt. When developer Greg Lindberg tried to bribe him to fire an unfriendly senior regulator, Causey reported him to the feds and then wore a wire, leading to Lindberg’s arrest (and that of two associates) and the arrest of the NCGOP’s chairman.


Republican: None of these

It’ll take some effort to be a worse labor commissioner than our departing elevator queen, Cherie Berry. But by God, these three—Chuck Stanley, Josh Dobson, and Pearl Floyd—are going to try.»

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