Starvation & malnutrition in the world

UNICEF has a massive data set:

WHO has a list of other health issues associated with malnutrition: (scroll down to “Diseases in famine”).

Some random guy has a pretty map:

I’m really surprised to see the U.S.’s position in the death-due-to-malnutrition ranking on the map site. But I wonder… how good is the map’s data, and where is a map of the UNICEF data? Stupid web.

Some conservatives (sometimes me, too, in the past) state that wealth and income inequality are irrelevant because, of course, in the world’s wealthiest countries, some folks are going to be extremely wealthy but the folks at the other end of the scale are just fine, so the inequality is a false issue.

Except… it’s not.

(And I wonder what the racial makeup of the folks starving to death is. I have a feeling….)

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