App Used to Tabulate Votes Is Said to Have Been Inadequately Tested

Queueing theory, anyone?

«there were concerns that the app would malfunction in areas with poor connectivity, or because of high bandwidth use, such as when many people tried to use it at the same time.


Jerry Depew, the Democratic county chairman from Pocahontas County, said that the report line and the help line were the same phone number.

“I had not expected it to be busy at 8 p.m.,” he said, when he tried to call in results from his precinct. “But if caucus chairs were calling for help at the same time that easy caucuses were trying to report results, the phones could have been overloaded.”»

«“The underlying data and paper trail is sound,” she continued, “and will simply take time to further report the results.”»


Get rid of those all-electronic things and stop getting bedazzled by technology!

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