The steady drumbeat of racism

These two tweets showed up in my feed, back to back. (One retweeted by Patrick Skinner, the other, by Sarah Jeong.) I’m tired; and I’m not even the target.

Dan Barry (@DanBarryNYT) Tweeted:
I wrote an obituary for a woman who died in Buffalo, and the fact that she lived to 111 isn’t close to being the most impressive thing about her. Please read: “Mamie Kirkland, Witness to an Era of Racial Terror, Dies at 111”

josie duffy rice (@jduffyrice) Tweeted:
a man in mississippi was in jail for a misdemeanor. he asked an officer if he could charge his phone, which was apparently never taken from him. he was then charged with having a phone in jail and was sentenced to TWELVE YEARS IN PRISON.

Previously, Qasim Rajid had tweeted this, and I just scrolled past it, going, “yeah, yeah, yeah, racism”.

Qasim Rashid, Esq. (@QasimRashid) Tweeted:
Ethan Couch: Drives drunk & kills 4 people, injures 2
•0 prison

Willie Nash: Has cell phone in jail
•12 years prison

The criminal justice system isn’t broken—it’s working exactly as intended to uphold prison slavery. Horrific.

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