2010 Zeitgeist



2010, y’all. For those, like me, who need Google to catch up, Tom Perriello lost his re-election for US House (I guess Greenberg was on his staff?), Dems lost the House two years into Obama’s admin (and never got it back), Republicans swept state elections (and then redistricted), and the Rally to Restore Sanity was Stewart’s entertainment event the weekend before the election (prime canvassing weekend).

Amanda Hess (@amandahess) Tweeted:
«as we reflect on this decade, let’s remember that in 2010, just before the midterms, Jon Stewart held an enormous joke political rally on the National Mall, criticized the media for conflating “real racists and Tea Partiers,” and said he didn’t care if anyone even voted»

Leah Greenberg (@Leahgreenb) Tweeted:
«Oh my god, I was in VA-05, three days out from losing my job and desperately trying to get volunteers to come down from D.C. to canvass

Over and over again people told me they couldn’t canvass because they were going to the Rally to Restore Sanity and THEY WERE SO PROUD OF IT https://t.co/XQvjHC7sET »

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