On blue slips and the attempt at comity



On blue slips and the attempt at comity:

«Democrats need to understand that once one side destroys a norm, it’s not a norm anymore—no matter how much we wish it were or try to reinstate it. So we must not self-impose a set of rules that will only apply to us. Blue slips are dead. ABA ratings are irrelevant. Hold hearings with multiple circuit court nominees, even if the Senate is in recess. This is the new normal.»

Vanita Gupta (@vanitaguptaCR) Tweeted:
«To everyone watching the #DemDebate, we need you in the fight to save our courts.

Trump has named ZERO Black circuit court nominees in 3 years. Many of his picks have awful civil rights records. Some refused to affirm #BrownvBoard.

We deserve better, and we can’t stop fighting.»

The “pro-life” movement is racist and sexist and has nothing to do with religion (except to use it as a tool of manipulation). Leonard Leo and the Federalist Society know exactly what they are doing.

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