Can Warren Beat Trump? | The Cook Political Report

Warren needs to appeal both to economic concerns and to people’s sense of decency. Maybe also call out how much our racism hurts us white people. We go gunning for black and brown people in denying school lunches and pre-natal healthcare and so on, and we wind up hurting a lot more people than we think. Which is one of the reasons we have stats like 18th in the world in terms of infant mortality (and the list goes on and on). (Better to just not be racist, obviously.)

«At least three political scientists John Sides, Lynn Vavreck and Michael Tesler, argue that race, not economic populism, was the main driver in the 2016 election. In their analysis of that election, Identity Crisis: The 2016 Presidential Campaign and the Battle for the Meaning of America, they write: “attitudes concerning race, ethnicity, and religion were more strongly related to how Americans voted in 2016 than in recent elections. By contrast, the apparent impact of economic anxiety was much smaller and not particularly distinctive compared to earlier elections. This activation of racial attitudes helped Trump more than Clinton.”

And, in 2020, it will help Trump again.»

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