Wealth tax makes economic sense


Go get ’em, Liz. 🙂

daniel f stone (@d_f_stone) Tweeted:
«“Use it or lose it: Efficiency gains from wealth taxation [great title!]… Wealth taxation shifts the tax burden toward unproductive entrepreneurs….”

Makes sense & looks like important paper. Nber version- https://t.co/Yo5ORXV2c7
https://t.co/kQUsBr5eMF »

Noah Smith 🐇 (@Noahpinion) Tweeted:
«Replacing corporate income taxes with wealth taxes is a good idea, since it taxes unproductive rich people more than productive rich people.

Note that we’ve already cut the corporate tax under Trump, so Warren’s wealth tax would just be Step 2!»

https://t.co/C1c54gWIFn https://twitter.com/Noahpinion/status/1186741054638178304?s=17

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