This is a church practicing Christianity.

Squad Member Amy

So, since 1968 (I think; anyway, for a long time), United Methodists have promised to participate in the ministries of the church by “our prayers, our presence, our gifts, and our service”, meaning (by my interpretation) pray, show up, give what you can (money and talent) and do some work. Note that this is ministries, not just Sunday-morning worship.

Then, recently (2008, as it happens, but that’s “recent”, right?) somebody decided that the UMC wasn’t being evangelical enough and our membership rolls would suffer as a result (again, my interpretation), so we bolted on “and witness” to the above four-part vow. As if Christians showing up to help out because God told us to (and, by the way, extends an invitation to all people to join us) isn’t witness enough.

In reading the replies to the above tweet, I realize that not only is this a church practicing Christianity, it’s witness.

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