It Is Really, Really Stupid To Assume Trump Will Lose In 2020

I take issue with all this guy’s snide asides, BUT… the people of Israel recently voted to give Benjamin Netanyahu a fifth term, in spite of all his many flaws. He’s right; there are no guarantees, and there’s no reason 47% of the country can’t put Trump back in office in 2020.

«Sure, Trump takes a beating when it comes to character – I readily admit that I take part in that – but you cannot deny that his administration has had a positive impact on the economy.

Do you think the American people are concerned with Trump the person or their personal financial situations right now? I can almost guarantee you can ask all the questions you want about his character, but if the economy is still trucking along, it won’t mean much come 2020. It’s the jobs people will consider. They either lost theirs or knew someone who lost theirs during the recession, and now virtually everyone they know has a job. That will (likely) still be the case in 2020. And that’s the case Trump should make.»

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