Kentucky Republicans Worried Inviting AOC to Meet with Coal Miners Might Backfire – GQ

In my mind’s eye, I see her behind a bar, serving up beer and answering questions for thirsty coal miners. Could put a mic and a camera on her.

Ah, well, reality: I don’t know how many actual coal miners there’d be, and I don’t know what the security implications of a bunch of folks bellying up to the bar would be.

«Uninviting Ocasio-Cortez is probably a smart move on Barr’s part in the long run. For one thing, there aren’t any active coal mines in Barr’s district. And James Comer, another Republican representative from Kentucky, told local news that he didn’t “see any upside” to having her come to Kentucky. “I think a lot of Republicans are making a mistake picking on her. I think we need to be very prepared when we debate her on issues that we’re having a hard time with.”»

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