How disinformation is made

So, this is how we roll now. Pay attention.

«1) My husband and I were at the @BetoORourke rally and I want to tell you what really happened. It was a packed house when these two men pushed their way in. They were together as a group and talking about where to hold the poster when they pushed by us.
2) A few of us were irritated because they were being very pushy and rough. Then they moved a few people up from us and held this poster up. “Beto is Christ” and we noticed his friend was pushing further up in the crowd. My husband remarked to keep an eye on those two.
3) Sure enough. The 2nd guy suddenly held up his camera tripod contraption and took a photo. The guy holding up a sign held it for less than 2 mins. Then the 2nd guy came back and the men left on the left on the west side.
4) the people closest to us were joking that that sign and picture was going to be all over Twitter in less than a minute. And sure enough it was. But it was all staged and we saw it. Those folks weren’t like the rest of us at the Rally waiting to hear Beto talk.
They got there and left a full 30+ minutes before Beto even talked. I thought you may want to know the truth. From someone standing just being this guy holding this sign. It was staged to enrage and obviously it did just that. The trolls are now good at producing their own news.»

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