How One Scientist Is Fighting Anti-Vaxxers and Their Online Harassment Campaigns

So… We need more dead babies because that’s the only thing that will change people’s minds? Is a six-year-old with tetanus and an $800,000 bill enough?

«But what really changed things was a brilliant and articulate young lady called Laura Brennan, who had been diagnosed with incurable cervical cancer. She came to HSE and offered to share her story, so that other women wouldn’t have to go through what she had endured. So, the campaign that we launched to counter this put her at the forefront. We hit lows of 51.2 percent HPV coverage but now we’re back up to the high 70s, whereas Japan is still in the doldrums and so is Denmark. People connect to the emotive first. What we needed to do was remind them what this vaccine was for, what it was actually doing.»

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