The best president money can’t buy – Team Warren – Medium

I’m really liking Warren. I said in the past that she doesn’t have the foreign policy chops she needs, and I’m still a little iffy on that[1], because I believe foreign policy has only gotten more important in the last two years, but… I like her.  Here’s a related earlier post of mine:

I think she might be able to get some mileage out of the concept of members of the super-wealthy getting in a snit and withholding donations just because she won’t make special time for them.

[1] If she builds a good team, though, that can make up a lot. We’re not electing a person, we’re electing a team (although the person is the team-builder).

«But I believe the biggest risk in this election is failing to empower the millions of people who feel the squeeze of an economy rigged against them and the deep frustration of a failing political system that produced Donald Trump in the first place.»

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