On social media blocking innocent posts


Tempted to say that social media is garbage, but, really, everything is an approximation. I had my Twitter acct suspended over a tweet on the racial breakdown of gun death stats, but I’m GUESSING they mostly get it right. There’s a ton of awfulness Out There. Some of it leaks through to social media and some innocent stuff gets blocked. AI is not the solution. There is no solution. Human language is our most complex construct. We make poetry with it.

Even blogging, my preferred approach, is problematic. I could get “de-platformed”. WordPress.com could suppress or remove my blog. I could move to my own AWS instance and run my own WordPress instance, but even AWS could shut me down. Then I’d move to my own hardware somewhere, but I’d be reliant on network services supplied by private companies which could refuse to carry my bits. (Or I go offshore to some place that wouldn’t bow to pressure from the U.S. (market or political… who would that be? Mauritania? Iceland? Russia?))

Eventually, we get down to paper and First Amendment rights and a discussion of what that means in an electronic age.

Or we just live with the imperfections of social media until we’re sick of it.

💗Ill_Kalon Kakon_lll ™💗 (@IlIOcherokeelIl) Tweeted:

@hughes_45 @C_Stroop Just don’t post that publicly on FB.

They’ll suspend you. https://t.co/zYYo9HeLHO

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