Inequities in opportunity

This. Thread. The guy who designed SpaceX’s Merlin engine is the son of an Idaho lumberjack who got the right nudge from his HS geometry teacher.

Mekka Okereke (@mekkaokereke) Tweeted:

If you’ve seen my talk on D&I, then you are familiar with under-matching: a phenomenon where bright kids from rural areas don’t pursue intellectually rigorous careers.

Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not.

Under-matching affects white folk too.

Something I learned at the Racial Equity Institute “groundwater” seminar I attended: inequities aimed at minorities affect white people, too. The U.S. has a terrible infant-mortality ranking in the world, but it’s not a matter of one demographic wrecking the curve. If you take out the “problematic minority”, we STILL rank terribly. Injustice hurts us all.

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