A Trump County Confronts the Administration Amid a Rash of Child Cancers – The New York Times


Trump-voting county discovers the shocking benefits of federal regulations.

«Mrs. Davidson said, “His loosening of E.P.A. regulations, it’s infuriating.” She added, “We’re ruining the environment for money.”

Mrs. Davidson learned in 2014 that her stepson, Zane, who was 10 at the time, had a rare form of leukemia. He is now in remission. She has traveled to Washington to speak in favor of stronger TCE [trichloroethylene] regulations. “What we’re fighting for is seemingly being undone right now,” she said.

Still, she said, she did not regret her vote. “Trump’s a businessman. There are great things he can do for our country. But he’s used to building high rises for money,” she said. “He’s not as environmentally savvy. Our hope is that he surrounds himself with people who are more knowledgeable.”»

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