Gmail’s Auto-Complete Makes Me Feel Like a Robot – The Atlantic

Actually, @dkthomp … when I see that auto-complete text, I take it as a signal that I should pause to reflect on my feelings to be sure I really do feel the way the machine thinks I do, bearing in mind that the machine, like any good liar, will be correct only 50% of the time. I DON’T see it as a challenge to write something better, nor do I see it as the machine scoffing at me. Sometimes predictability is good. Who wants to be surprised by a dance partner’s moves? And so often, communication is dance, n’est-ce pas?

«Google’s auto-reply feature reveals to us the previously hidden vapidity of our communications. That’s why we—or I, at least—hate Smart Compose. Not, again, because the tech is bad. But because it’s good enough to illuminate the exclamation-marked inauthenticity of our correspondence.»

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