The Suburbs Are Changing. But Not in All the Ways Liberals Hope. – The New York Times

«Her research on suburban Democrats identified many who supported liberal agendas in Washington while opposing affordable housing or school desegregation in their own communities.


many suburban voters tend toward an eclectic mix of preferences that can seem contradictory. Particularly in denser, close-in suburbs, voters tend to be more cosmopolitan than in rural areas and turned off by culture war issues that animate other Republican voters. But they’re also more fiscally conservative than many urban voters, and opposed, for example, to the higher taxes some liberal policies would require.


President Trump has done much more to stress the cultural issues on which many highly educated, white suburban voters disagree with the Republican Party than the economic issues on which they’re better aligned. That makes these voters ripe for Democratic appeals today. It also means some of them could be courted back by a different kind of Republican message in the future.»

Lots of suburban NIMBYs.

Also, in the graph as in the article, those dark blue dots (so many of them!) represent vulnerabilities for Dems in future elections, because they can flip back, just like Senate seats won in 2012 flipping red in 2018. There is no such thing as a done deal in politics.

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