What Did ‘Pod Save America’ Expect? | HuffPost


Not generally a HuffPo reader, but…

«To a certain Beltway mindset, it is the height of seriousness not to take political ideas so seriously that you attach life-or-death significance to them. For the “Pod Save America” hosts and for most of the other liberals eagerly embracing Never Trumpers, showing off your Republican pal — the good, polite kind of Republican! — feels harmless because most of them will never actually have to deal with the consequences of actual Republican policies.

It’s uncomfortable to acknowledge that the person you’ve been joking around with the past few years is exactly the guy your harshest critics said he was. But if Crooked Media is serious about being a fresh voice for progressives, it’s time to stop pretending that Miller is anything other than what it’s supposed to be fighting against.»

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