Beto O’Rourke May Benefit From an Unlikely Support Group: White Evangelical Women – The New York Times

I don’t think Dems should write off white Evangelical women so soon. Consider the arc of Beth Moore.

«To Democrats nationwide, who have largely written off white evangelical voters, it also sends a signal — not just for the midterms but also for the 2020 presidential campaign — that there are female, religious voters who are open to some of their party’s candidates.

“How does my vote represent the little girl that I used to be?” she said. “The Republicans used to be the party of family, and morals and values, and now they are not.”

Unlike many other Democratic candidates ahead of the midterm election, Mr. O’Rourke is doing strategic, if limited, outreach to white evangelicals, especially women. On his way to his concert with Willie Nelson in Austin recently, he recorded a podcast segment with Jen Hatmaker, a Christian author whose prominent show “For the Love” is followed by tens of thousands of evangelical women. The episode is scheduled to air Thursday.

These evangelical women may seem invisible, Ms. Hatmaker said, but they dot the state, and reflect a broader dissatisfaction among some Christian conservatives that their faith has been politicized for what they see as an agenda that opposes what Jesus represents.

Beth Moore, an influential author and Christian teacher based in Houston, signed a letter urging Congress and Mr. Trump to protect Dreamers and reunite immigrant families. After the Senate confirmed Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, she tweeted to her nearly a million followers to not lose heart. [Ha! I started this post before I got to this point in the article. — John L.]»

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