Kavanaugh’s confirmation gives the GOP its most power since the Great Depression – The Washington Post


I don’t think this is a gerrymandering problem. (Well, not JUST a gerrymandering problem.) It’s more a lazy-Dems-don’t-vote-in-off-year-elections problem. Or an unconcerned-liberals-think-3rd-party-voting-is-viable problem.

Yes, I called Dems lazy. 2010 was a disaster. “Demographics is destiny” did NOT help.

«Republicans currently control 33 out of 50 governor’s seats, which is just one shy of the record set briefly last year. That happened after West Virginia’s Jim Justice switched to the GOP but before Republicans lost in neighboring Virginia. Before the last few years, the GOP had never held more than 32 seats.

The GOP also holds complete control of the governor’s seat and the state legislature in 25 states (compared to eight for Democrats). That’s also just one off the record, set briefly last year for the same reasons as above. Before this decade, the GOP had never held more than two dozen.

The GOP controlled 4,104 out of 7,383 state legislative seats as of July, which was just a few dozen seats off its record, also set in recent years.»

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