Stupid technology

Dumb technology making me look like a fool. I saw a great thread telling a story from a woman who didn’t find out until she was around 40 that her mother’s three pregnancies ruined her life and almost killed her, that her mom’s conservative doctor told her she had to keep on getting pregnant to satisfy her husband in spite of her depression and the pregnancies almost killing her, and a doctor who replaced the first doc (who was on vacation) figured out the problem, helped her get her tubes tied, and the original poster saying that as much as she loved life, her mom and all her family, she wished her mom had had the choice instead of some man making a decision for her…

…so I posted it (I THOUGHT) from my Android device, but some piece of moronic software somewhere in the pipeline decided that “share” didn’t really mean that, so an empty article came through from my blog making me look dumb.

And now I can’t find the original Twitter thread, because it’s like a leaf on the Twitter river, lost forever in time, in spite of my search attempts.


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