Taxes on unrealized capital gains

Seems like you could put a minimum on the holdings before you start taxing, like $10 or $50 mil. So the savings of the teacher or the retail worker are safe.

Elliott Downing (@elliott_downing) Tweeted: Here’s the thing: People like owning stocks specifically because they’re unlike houses. You can sell 2% of your more-valuable-than-when-you-bought-it stock to pay your taxes if you need to, AND you can sell it instantly. Both of those are hard to do with a house. Stupid analogy.

Despite having just 5.8% sales, over 38% of bug reports come from Linux

Despite having just 5.8% sales, over 38% of bug reports come from Linux –

«Do you know how many of these 400 bug reports were actually platform-specific? 3. Literally only 3 things were problems that came out just on Linux. The rest of them were affecting everyone – the thing is, the Linux community is exceptionally well trained in reporting bugs. That is just the open-source way.»

«And with bug reports from Linux players is just something else. You get all the software/os versions, all the logs, you get core dumps and you get replication steps. Sometimes I got with the player over discord and we quickly iterated a few versions with progressive fixes to isolate the problem. You just don’t get that kind of engagement from anyone else.»

The Verge: Microsoft angers the .NET open source community with a controversial decision

Surprise! \o/

And The Register comes in: http://The Register: Microsoft under fire again from open-source .NET devs: Hot Reload feature pulled for sake of Visual Studio sales.

Twitter admits bias in algorithm for rightwing politicians and news outlets | Twitter | The Guardian

“Emergent” is a word meaning “we don’t know what’s going on, but we sure didn’t expect THAT.”

«Twitter said it wasn’t clear why its Home timeline produced these results and indicated that it may now need to change its algorithm.»

(Here’s what’s going on: Genesis 8:21: «the inclination of the human heart is evil from youth….» Right-wing posts advocating/celebrating selfishness get more clicks. Facebook’s just as bad, if not worse.)

SCOOP: Manchin Tells Associates He’s Considering Leaving the Democratic Party and Has an Exit Plan – Mother Jones


«UPDATE: After this article was published, reporters questioned Manchin about it. He replied, “I can’t control rumors, and it’s bullshit, bullshit spelled with a B, U, L, L, capital B.” Mother Jones stands by the story.»

Opinion | The Unvaccinated May Not Be Who You Think – The New York Times

SUPER-interesting article on exactly who’s vaccinated and who’s not (and, this, what we might be able to do about it).

«Research on the unvaccinated by KFF from this September showed the most powerful predictor of who remained unvaccinated was not age, politics, race, income or location, but the lack of health insurance

Update, 22 Nov. 2021: it’s not insurance coverage any more. Instead, it’s political affiliation.